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Shark Evo-One 2 Keenser KSR Helmet

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Product description Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

The Shark Evo One 2 is the successor to the very popular Shark Evo One modular helmet. The French helmet manufacturer has examined all the drawbacks of the Evoline modular helmet and improved them with the Shark Evo One 2. The automatic up and down system of the visor, ensures that you do not have to operate the visor separately when raising and lowering the chin piece. The closure mechanism of the chin is improved and fits seamlessly with the helmet. Previously, the chin had 2 closures, which has been reduced to 1 closure. The visor is equipped with a quick release system, which makes it possible to quickly and easily replace the visor. The chin piece can be fully folded backwards, with a seamless fit to the helmet. This ensures that the helmet is also fairly aerodynamicin the open position. The helmet is more compact and aerodynamic than its predecessor. The lining is suitable for eyeglass wearers. The helmet is prepared for the Sharktooth communication system. The counterparts of Evo One 2 modular helmet are the HJC RPHA 90Roof Boxxer, and in the higher price segment the Schuberth C4Shoei neotec 2 and the AGV sport modular.

Safety Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

The outer shell material is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a very strong material. The outer shell comes in 2 sizes. The inner shell is made of EPS that gives optimal impact absorption. The helmet is ECE-22.05 certified as a jet helmet as well as a full face helmet. This is important because it is only allowed to wear the helmet with the chin piece up and ride with it, if it is certified as a jet helmet.

Ventilation Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

The Shark Evo One 2 is equipped with excellent ventilation. In the chin part it has an adjustable and closable air inlet. This air inlet also has an opening on the inside that directs air towards the visor. At the top of the helmet there is an air inlet on both sides that can be operated individually. There is an air outlet just below the spoiler at the rear end that drains the warm air.

Noise Insulation Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

They have done a great job at shark with insulating the noise as much as possible with this helmet. They achieved this with, among other things, the auto-seal system of the visor. When the visor is closed, it barely permits noise to enter the helmet and it is 100% waterproof. The compact aerodynamic design of the helmet, the chin cover and the lining have contributed a lot to the sound insulation. The insulation has been tested with a specially developed computer model. Sounds nice, but you really notice the difference when you have the helmet on.

Visor Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

The visor at the Shark evo one 2 is designed in such a way that it does not stand in the way of the chin piece when it is opening or closing. The visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog and comes standard with a Max vision pinlock. Thanks to the Autoseal System, the visor is pulled tight against the helmet so no wind or water is let in. The visor falls into the shell, as it were, which contributes to a seamless closure.

Lining Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

The lining feels wonderfully comfortable. It is completely removable, washable and anti-bacterial. It absorbs moisture well and it dries quickly. The lining is also very suitable for eyeglass wearers. The Evo one 2 has already been prepared for the Sharktooth communication system. Where the system can be completely integrated in the helmet.

Features Shark evo one 2 Keenser KSR

Helmet type: Modular helmet
Shell material: Polycarbonate
Visor: The visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch
Weight: The weight is about 1650 grams
Lining: The lining is completely removable, washable, anti-bacterial and suitable for people wearing glasses.
Ventilation: In the chin there is an air inlet and on top of the helmet on both sides there are also air inlets. There is an air outlet at the rear just below the spoiler.
CertificationECE-22.05 certified as a Jet helmet as well as a Full Face helmet
Extra: The helmet also looks very aerodynamic with the chin piece up.

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  1. Glen

    Wow, where do I start… I’ve been waiting for this release ever since the first sighting in the opening round of Qatar 2016, so waiting patiently is an understatement. I just received my Pista GP-R on Friday, March 03, 2017 (helmet was ordered on Feb 16…, so two weeks to west coast US from the NL.), and I’m still so excited that I actually own this helmet!

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