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May 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019

Shoei NXR Dystopia TC-5 Helmet


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Model description, Shoei NXR Dystopia TC-5

The shoei NRX is a comfortable sporty full-face helmet and it is the successor of the XR1100 Model.
Thanks to the special earpads in the Lining, the NXR is much more quiet than its competitors. This helmet has a compact outer shell with a slim aerodynamic shape. The advantage of a smaller outer shell is that you feel less pressure on the neck with small sizes. This drives more comfortable and enables you to be more concentrated. As a result of the compact outer shell The NXR is also lighter than its competitors: AGV CorsaHJC Rpha11 and Shark Race-r Pro. The aerodynamic shape enables the NXR to cut through the wind easily. Characteristic for the NXR is the E.Q.R.S. safety system. This E.Q.R.S. safety system makes it possible to quickly remove the innerlining if necessary. Of course the NXR comes prepared for a communication system. The NXR comes with everything that a helmet needs, where simplicity is of the highest refinement.

Safety Shoei NXR Dystopia TC-5

Thanks to the Emergency Quick Release System the helmet can, if necessary, easily be removed from the head. The EQRS can be made use of in case of an emergency. The outer shell of the NXR consists of an AIM shell with different layers and composites. This AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) was developed by shoei. The special thing about this shell is the low weight in combination with the great strength. The strong but light outer shell and the EPS lining with the different densities absorb the impact to the max. And this helmet has a double D fastening ring.

Isolation Shoei NXR Dystopia TC-5

The noise Level in the NXR is considerably low. This new helmet has a very tight fit, and as a result wind noise is reduced. The helmet shell has an extra curving at the back, which enables the head to be better and deeper in the helmet. The NXR has a smooth shape which creates less turbulence and this causes les noise disturbance. The earpads are a great improvement concerning noise reduction.

Features Shoei NXR Dystopia TC-5

Helmet Type: Full-face

shell material: Fiberglass composite

Exterior  visor: Thermoplastic aerodynamically shaped CWR-1 clear visor with standard supplied Pinlock anti-fog lens

Communication: Integrated preparation for communication system

Closure: Very strong Double D closure

Inner lining: removable & washable antibacterial, integrated “Noise Isolators”

Helmet shell: available in 4 sizes

Ventilation: fully renewed ventilation in the chin guard, the top and the back

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